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SSI Terms & Social Security Disability Terms

Navigating the world of Social Security Disability applications and SSI claims can be incredibly complex, full of technical and legal jargon that can make applying a nightmare for the average person. In fact, it’s so complex that approximately 80% of all claims are initially denied, many of those likely due to filing errors. Don’t make that mistake!

If you’d like us to handle all of that for you, we’re happy to do so. Simply fill out this short form and we’ll take care of everything –>

However, if you’d like to handle the application or appeals process on your own, the following guides can help.

Because we are dedicated to making the disability application and appeals process as simple and straightforward as possible, we have created this guide to explain in detail the most common SSI and Social Security Disability terms, to help you better understand the process and the technical details.

For clarification on a given subject, simply explore the pages below:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Administrative Law Judge
  • Alleged Onset Date
  • Appeals Council
  • Calculating Benefits
  • Closed Period
  • Consultative Exam
  • Date Last Insured
  • Date Last Worked
  • Dire Need Letter
  • Disability Determination Services
  • Disability Insurance Benefits
  • District Office
  • Federal District Court
  • Grids
  • Hearing Level
  • Listings
  • Medical Denials
  • Medical Expert
  • Mental Capacity Assessment
  • Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
  • On The Record
  • Reconsideration Level
  • Representative Fee
  • Request for Hearing
  • Request for Review of Hearing Decision
  • Residual Functional Capacity Questionnaire
  • SSI Back Pay
  • Substantial Gainful Activity
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Technical Denial
  • Trial Work Period
  • Vocational Expert
  • Work Credits
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    Author – Brad Myler