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Soc Sec Appointment & SSI Exam (Social Security Disability Consultative Exam)

The Disability Determination Services sometimes schedules a Consultative Exam if the claimant’s medical records are outdated, incomplete, or simply lacking in specific evidence. It is basically a way for Soc Sec to get an expert medical opinion of your disability.

The appointment may consist of blood work, functional testing, x-rays, or other such tests. The visit may be brief and to-the-point, as there is usually specific information that Social Security has requested that the examiner provide and no more. If a Consultative Exam has been scheduled for you, try not to worry. There are a number of reasons for such an appointment. At least you know that your claim is being actively considered, and the worst that can happen is that you are denied—which means the next appeal (if you are at the Reconsideration level) may hold your greatest chance of being approved anyway (see Hearing level).

It is very important to attend a Consultative Exam. Although the exam may not be helpful to you as a patient, and may or may not be helpful to your disability claim, it at least demonstrates that you will cooperate. If you cannot make it to the exam, call and ask to reschedule. If you have already missed it, call and ask for another time to be rescheduled and be as helpful as possible. It is unfortunate when a claimant sacrifices so much time and energy to be approved only to be denied because he or she failed to make the Consultative Exam a priority.

For more information, speak with your disability representative or Social Security.

Author – Brad Myler