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Date Last Insured & Social Security Disability DLI

In order to qualify for Title II, or Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), a claimant must have acquired enough work credits. Simply put, the claimant must have paid enough into the system, which are taxes withheld from his or her paychecks. Each year of work earns up to 4 credits, and a claimant must have acquired 20 credits of the last 40 available credits. In other words, he or she must have worked approximately 5 of the last 10 years to qualify for DIB.

The Date Last Insured is the last day the employee was insured for Disability Insurance Benefits. Social Security will check this date to determine if an individual qualifies for Disability Insurance Benefits.

If you are unsure of your Date Last Insured, find out your Date Last Worked and check with your disability attorney or Social Security.