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SSI Medical Denial & Social Security Disability Medical Denials

A Medical Denial is an unfavorable decision based on medical factors. There are several reasons for a medical denial, including:

  • The medical evidence does not adequately show the extent of the claimant’s disabilities
  • There is a lack of relevant medical evidence
  • The claimant’s disability is difficult to prove in medical records
  • The claimant’s does not meet the guidelines for approval

This type of decision should usually be appealed. Social Security denies most claims, especially at the Initial level and Reconsideration level. If you feel you are truly disabled, your condition is severe, or have been told by a disability representative that you have a good claim, it is strongly recommended that you appeal the decision. Some claimants wait until it is too late and must reapply, which only guarantees the same result and even more months of waiting. The best chance of being approved is at the Hearing level.

See Technical Denials for information about other types of denials or discuss your options with your disability representative.

Author – Brad Myler