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Social Security OTR | On the Record Decision for Disability

An On-the-Record Review can be requested after a Request for Hearing has been filed and before the hearing. It is a great option when the medical evidence is strong enough to warrant an approval without a face-to-face hearing taking place. Such a request is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. It significantly cuts down on waiting for hearing to be scheduled (which can take up to 1-3 years).
  2. If a decision is made on the record, it is an approval. It means that your medical records strongly support your claim.
  3. If the review is denied, a hearing will still take place as before. It will not negatively affect your claim. It simply means the judge wants to meet with you in person and get more evidence or information.

To request an On-the-Record Review, gather the new medical evidence (make sure it leaves little doubt of your eligibility for disability benefits) and submit them to the ODAR with the written request. Make copies of everything for your records and call 1-2 weeks later to confirm it was received.

If you have a disability representative, he or she will handle this for you. If you have strong medical records and this possibility has not come up in conversation, call your representative and ask if your case warrants an On-the-Record decision. If you do not have a disability representative, contact Social Security or the ODAR for more information.

Author – Brad Myler