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SSI Representative Fee & SSDI Representative Fee

The standard disability representation fee is as follows:

  • The client only pays if approved for benefits ("contingency fee").
  • 25% of the back pay benefits, up to a maximum of $6,000.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as medical record copy fees, transportation, etc.

This is different from some personal injury and family law attorneys, who keep a record of each hour worked and then bill the client. If a disability claim is denied, the disability representative can only request compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of how many hours he or she worked on the claim.

It is a risk for a representative to accept a disability claim, because if it is denied, the rep will not get paid. If an experienced representative accepts a claim, it usually means that based on the evidence shown, the claimant has a good chance of being approved. However, circumstances may eventually reveal otherwise, at which time the representative may reconsider.

If you have questions about the representative fee, check with your disability attorney for more information.