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SSI Denial & Social Security Disability Technical Denial

A Technical denial is an unfavorable decision based on factors other than your medical condition. There are several reasons for a Technical Denial:

  1. Mistakes in paperwork
  2. Missing documents
  3. Claimant is working full-time
  4. Claimant is earning over SGA
  5. Claimant simply does not meet the criteria due to income or employment restrictions

This type of decision can be difficult to appeal. Social Security is very strict about income limits and employment. If the claimant is not in desperate financial need and is working heavily, he or she simply will not be approved at any level. If the technical denial was based on mistakes in the application or missing paperwork, it may still be possible to pursue the disability claim.
See Medical Denials for information about other types of denials or discuss your options with your disability representative.